Saturday, April 27, 2013

Coolest Home Gadgets

Gadgets and technology for the home are fast becoming the number one way to show off to friends and family. Summer is the season to do this as the parties and get togethers are all the more regular. Here, we’ve found a selection of the coolest gadgets for your home to bring it up to the luxury standard of similar enviable homes on .

Transparent televisions have been appearing at trade shows and on tech blogs for a few months now but some seem to have been produced for the mass market and are being praised by reviewers globally. Initially designed by Michael Friebe he is apparently in talks with Apple as they want the rights to produce something similar. The LCD screen allows this piece of previously ugly furniture to become invisible and contemporary as well as holding the possibility of a touch screen, interactive element, which will stand it miles above its competitors. Be the envy of your friends and get yourself one of these beauties. Another bonus about them is that they take a lot less cleaning from the little ones handprints as well as seeming less imposing on your living space.

All new trendy light switches that control the whole house are being introduced in some of the coolest houses in the world, but now its time for you to be part of this exclusive (and convenient) club. Not only can you control the lights on the all-new floor plan switches but the entertainment in those individual rooms too. When the children have gone to bed you can get downstairs before you turn their lights and TV off and will be able to see if they sneak it back on again. You can also create more atmospheres and use the switch for the perfect party atmosphere with different music styles playing in every room, just like your favourite club, brought to your own home.

The Sony Ellipse is another cool little snazzy gadget that runs on solar energy (and lives stuck on a window or patio door) and makes your home media systems work seamlessly. Created by two Chinese students this whiz of a device rarely runs out of battery, and is like a giant remote that can be linked to all media players (as well as the floor plan switches) throughout your home. With the idea of the ‘fully integrated home’ these devices are soon going to be the norm, so buy one fast, whilst they’re still a ‘must have’ gadget.

Finally, maybe not so unusual but definitely the most enviable is the home gym and spa. Why pay for a membership when you can have all you need installed in your own home. You don’t need a large space if you get a designer in to help you get best use of the space. After a long day at the office relax with an hour or so on the treadmill (whilst enjoying some television on catch up, or alternatively some dance tunes to keep you motivated) and then a sit in the Jacuzzi and sauna to make the days stresses disappear.

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