Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dollar General Diapers

How much money do you spend on diapers???

My son is only 1 years old, and I know we still have a little while longer in diapers.  I am always looking at different brands, but I am always scared that quality will not be the best.

The new DG Premium diapers are back and better than ever. I was sent a jumbo pack of Dollar General Baby Premium Diapers to review.

I did a side to side comparison between a leading brand diaper, and a DG premium diaper.  Both diapers being compared are a size 3, which means they are for a weight range of 16-28 lbs.  The DG diapers always have the size printed on the diaper, so you always know you are grabbing the correct diaper.

The DG diaper is super thin, which is great because I can fit a bunch in his diaper bag without it getting too bulky.  The outside of the diaper is very soft, unlike some other diapers that feel like a plastic when they become wet.

The DG diaper is hypoallergenic, and also contains vitamin E and aloe to protect baby's precious skin.

The diaper is ultra absorbent, and locks away wetness.  This is very important for me because the ride home from the babysitters house can be a 45 minute car ride, and I am always scared of him getting diaper rash from sitting in a wet diaper.

Lucas is also a super active 1 year old constantly running around so the high stretch side panels, and stretchy leak guards really help to contain any messes inside the diaper.

I would have to say my favorite part of the DG diapers are the tabs.  Lucas is now trying to take his diaper off, and the DG diaper tabs are very strong.  I even had to put a little effort into taking the tabs off when I changed his diaper.

I went to my nearest Dollar General to check out all the different diaper prices, and I see that a jumbo pack of DG diapers were literally half the price of the leading brand diapers!!  They offer sizes Newborn all the way to size 6, and even offer training pants for potty training!

DG Baby Premium Diapers are definitely high quality, low price, and just right!


  1. Great review! You had me at Half the price of other diapers! Lol@ The super strong tabs, I need some of those for baby Sy! He's a streaker. I'll def. check out DG Brand.

  2. love this review....my kids are no longer in diapers my daughter will soon be 3 and when she was potty training we used dollar general brand pull up and they worked great:)