Monday, September 24, 2012

Safe Glow LED Dog Collar

My house has a beautiful backyard, but at night it can be a bit scary since I have no lighting out back.  We live two blocks away from the Hillsborough River, and the creatures my dogs could run into are not the most pleasant.  

This is Lizzie my Miniature Schnauzer, and Grayson my Schnoodle.  They are my furbabies, so I want to make sure I can see where they are when I let them out to go potty at night.

I was sent the Safe Glow LED Dog Collar for free as part of a product review.  It comes in multiple colors, and has a LED bulb powered by a long life lithium battery.  It is not waterproof, but it is weather-resistant so letting the dogs out when it is raining will not ruin it.  I also like the reflective strip the collar has when the LED is not on.  It reminds me of the safety vest and running shoe reflective strips.  This is very handy for taking your dog out for walks at night!

This is what the collar looks like when it is not on.  

This is a short video I took of the different sequence of lights you can choose from.  I actually preferred having no flashing at all, and leaving the LED on the entire time because the flashing distracts my other dog.  

This is a photo of Lizzie wearing the Safe Glow LED Collar.  As you can see the collar has a bright visible glow.  I really do feel a little safer now that I can see where they are, especially when Lizzie goes into the bushes at night.  

The Safe Glow LED Dog Collar has different sizes, and you can CLICK HERE to pick a size according to your dog's breed.  I honestly think the collar runs a tad bit big, so I also use my dog's harness to connect my leash.  

You can currently purchase your doggy pal a Safe Glow LED Collar HERE for $24.95, and also receive 3 day UPS shipping.

*I was sent this product for free as part of a product review.  I was not compensated for a positive review.


  1. These are AWESOME. I have two dogs, and one is a little pug. She is such a runt and when she goes outside to go potty we can never find her! This would be a great Christmas gift to put in her puppy stocking.

  2. I love these, they are so bright, love the review and info. Need to get some for my furbabies to keep them safe!

  3. Coolest LED Collar EVERRRRRRRRR!!!! Go outside and play laser tag with them, Lol.

  4. First, I LOVE your dogs. Secondly, this is such an awesome thing so others can see them and they stay safe, plus, when you walk your dog, too, people notice YOU as well.

  5. Great review! Thanks for all the detail! This is such a wonderful idea! I am definitely going to suggest my in-laws get some for their dogs who stay outside a lot!

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