Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tegu Summer Building Contest

Tegu is a company that has taken block building to a whole new level.  The Tegu blocks have magnets inside so instead of just building up, you can actually stick blocks together to make objects that you can't make with regular blocks.

Tegu has just released two brand new sets of magnetic blocks.  The 22 piece Endeavor Set, and the 40 piece Explorer Set.  The sets actually come in different shades so it is nice there are different choices.

Tegu sent me a set of Explorer blocks to participate in their Summer Block Building Contest.  As soon as the box was delivered we started to play with the blocks to get a feel for how it was to build with magnetic blocks.  It was really fun figuring out which way the blocks had to be placed so they would stay together.  My husband loves the Tegu blocks!

"I'm building a truck"

We played with the blocks until we got used to them.  Then we built our masterpiece.

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Now you ask what is in it for me???  Well Tegu will actually be choosing 1 winner from each blog that is participating to win an Explorer or Endeavor set!  Voting starts today June 28, 2012 until July 3, 2012.  All winners will be announced July 5, 2012.  There is also a special promo code just use TEGUMOMMASESS to get 20% off your Tegu order until June 30th.

To sweeten the deal EVEN MORE....I have decided to throw in a prize of my own!
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