Sunday, June 10, 2012

My son is now at that age where every single time I give him his sippy cup or his bottle, he thinks it is so hilarious to throw it on the ground.  I have been searching for a solution to having to wash his sippy cup spout 500 times during dinner.  Luckily the folks at NoThrow sent me an answer.

NoThrow was made by twin sisters Karla and Karen.  The reason they made this product was because they lived in separate states, but they visited each other quite often.  On plane rides their children would be dropping their sippy cups....the sisters decided something has to be done.  

So they invented the NoThrow.

The NoThrow is a tether than can be looped around a high chair or seatbelt, then wrapped tightly around your child's sippy cup or bottle with the velcro strap.  It comes in a number of different designs to suit different people's style.

This is my son eating his snack and sipping on some water.  As you can see he has that look in his eye like, "Hey mom catch!"  Well of course he did throw the dang cup but lucky me I had NoThrow attached!!!

Hooray for not having to get up to wash the spout!  I now know what I will be giving people for baby showers!

The NoThrow bottle tether is recommended for ages 3m and up.

I was also sent the NoThrow Pacifier Tether.  This was another big "AAAARGH" of mine.  Nothing is worse than being in a store and BOOM there goes the pacifier on the floor.  The pacifier tether is recommended for ages 0m+.  All you do is fasten the metal clip to your child's clothing, and no more dirty pacifiers!  Just make sure you get a nice bunch of the shirt so it wont slip off.

Here is my son with the pacifier tether on his BinkyBear.  

Now my friends at NoThrow have a surprise for my readers!  They want TWO of my readers to win a set of tethers!!! 

Please enter via Rafflecopter, good luck everyone!!!

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  1. that is an awesome thing to have i cant even count how many times i have lost a sippy cup because my son threw it out of the stroller.

  2. A must have product for every mom!

  3. What a great thing to have! I wish I would have known about these years ago lol Awesome review, and great giveaway, I'm going to enter and I'll spread the word!

  4. This is awesome! Love the designs too!

  5. My nephew Collins would love this.