Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fracture Klout Perk

Last week I was awarded by Klout an amazing Perk from the company Fracture.  What is Fracture you ask??  Well, Fracture is a website where you make the ultimate picture frame.  It is very simple to do, first choose a picture that you want to use.  I of course chose a picture of my son that I took on Easter.  I then uploaded the picture onto the Fracture site and immediately I was given options to add a border around the photo, crop it, change the picture to black and white, or even add a shadow effect.

After editing my photo I was able to choose what size I wanted.  I was awarded from Klout an 8" Fracture photo.  I really love it because the frame is literally built into the glass and it also includes the hardware to hang it up.  

My only "complaint" would be that I wish the pointed edges were maybe rounded off just a little bit. Maybe even add the option for the edge to have a wave effect to it, or even round photos.  Just something that is a little different than the ordinary rectangle frames.

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  1. thanks for the explanation was wondering what it was all about
    Jo Winborn