Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello, my name is Becky.  I am 28 years old and a first time mom that loves all things free...or almost free.  Everyone is always asking "HOW???"  Well since I know Facebook can get a little clogged up on the newsfeed, I decided to make a blog so it is a little easier for my friends to get the benefits of free!

Now a few weeks back was giving new customers $10 credits.  Well if you check out the daily email they send you, you will see a couple of great FREE deals today.  First off there is the $6 Kiwi magazine subscription, a great gift for new mothers or even the experienced mother.

Secondly, there are some REALLY cute foldable flats that would make some awesome stocking stuffers......for FREE just pay $3.25 S/H.  Here is a screen shot of the deal.

How it works is you have your $10 credit from opening the account, then use the promo code "fabulous" to get 10% off the deal!

I have also heard for existing customers they have added 20% off to accounts!!!

I really hope to help people understand that nothing in life should be paid for full price.  There is always some kind of coupon or deal out there so make sure to research before you buy!!!

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